Cats table colors - to predict color of your kittens.


DEFINITION OF COLOR FOR, for the application of the color table:

Cameo Tabby    =   Rojo

Cameo Humo    =    Rojo

Silver Tabby      =   Negro

Azul Humo        =   Azul

Negro Humo     =   Negro

Brown Tabby     =   Negro

Blue Tabby         =   Azul

Red Tabby          =   Rojo

Cream Tabby      =   Crema

Silver  Patched Tabby =  Tortie

Brown Patched Tabby =  Tortie

To be born or completely white kitten, a parent must be white, these cats, mask a color below, only with crosses, or esperiencia breeder, quecolor enacara know.

A white cat with one color, gives 50% white and 50% of color, colored according to the crossing and color masking white.


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